Technician's Credentials

Marilyn Hughes

Permanent Makeup

Hello, my name is Marilyn Hughes. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 25 years. I went into cosmetology learning hair dressing mainly as a stepping stone toward becoming a professional makeup artist. I had always been fascinated with the miraculous way cosmetics could transform an ugly duckling into a swan, you all know what I mean. Well, it didn't take long to realize you had to go to Hollywood, CA or New York City to earn a living doing makeup work with movie studios or television, and the average woman in a small southern town wasn't interested in wearing much makeup. So I began a 25-year-plus career of "Doing Hair." It was okay, and I enjoyed the hair business as it still enabled me to explore different aspects of the beauty industry. I would do my client's hair then offer a free makeup lesson. To keep from becoming bored, I took many courses and training classes through the years, in any art or service that would improve a woman's looks or self esteem. Following is a list of my training and certifications for you to see how it leads up to and compliments my PERMANENT MAKEUP WORK.
But first, how I began with the permanent makeup work.
I had been seeing permanent makeup done at various hair and skin care seminars and had been debating having it done, but as I began having more and more problems with seeing how to apply my eye makeup, it became a necessity to have it permanently applied. I had a permanent eyebrow enhancement, eye liner, upper and lower, and lip liner. I was "IN LOVE" with the look, the convenience, and not dealing with irritation and tearing anymore. That's when I decided I had to do this for other people.


  1. 1994-95: Researching, studying, observing, and networking with PM technicians all over US and consulting with various doctors, to get their opinion on the safety and benefits of permanent makeup. I was and still am a "Health Nut" and was very concerned about the safety of applying these pigments under a person's skin, as well as the safety of doing work that required breaking the blood barrier. I became convinced that applying a small amount of natural pigments, organic and inorganic in some cases, to inside the dermal layer of the skin or just underneath the skin, was safer to the health of an individual, than constantly applying irritating chemical makeup to the outside of the skin especially around the sensitive eye area.

  2. End of 1995: I took my first basic mini-course, just to see if it was really for me.

  3. Beginning of 1996: Basic 5 day training classes for Permanent Makeup (approximately 50 hours).

  4. Before the end of '96 I had taken 4 more advanced training courses in permanent makeup work, covering camouflage, breast areola re-pigmentation, and color theory.

  5. 1997: I took another advanced 3 day training course.

  6. 2000: Advanced intensive training in special technique for doing full lip color in a less time consuming manner.

  7. This is not counting going to permanent makeup seminars and conventions and the extra training we receive at these affairs.

The following is a list of the Permanent Makeup schools, trainers, associations from which I have received my training and certifications, beginning with earliest to latest:

  1. Permanently Yours (Sandra Prescott) (1 certificate, Basic)

  2. Derma Medical Institute (Elizabeth Finch) (2 certificates- Specialty)

  3. American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, (Sandi Hammons) (3 certificates, 1 Basic and 2 Specialty)

  4. American Council of Dermagraphic Research (Kristanne Matzek) (1 certificate)

  5. Arty Joe's Skin City "20 minute Lips" and basic training (John Hashey) (1 certificate)

Other licenses, certificates of training in various fields:

  1. Licensed Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Salon Owner

  2. Professional Makeup Artist, trained by many world famous makeup artist to the "Stars" and celebrities (Mark Traynor, Michael Maron, Way Bandy, Douglas Marvaldy, George Masters, and Jerome Alexander)

  3. Certified Color and Image consultant with "Color Me Beautiful" and "Beauty For All Seasons"

  4. Training and Certification for Wardrobe Planning, Body Proportion Analysis, and Clothing Personality testing

  5. Professional Organizer

  6. Also trained in camouflage or para-medical makeup techniques

  7. Former Portrait Artist

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