Services and Prices


You may pay the deposit at consultation with a check if desired,
but cash only at procedure date

You are encouraged to come in for a consultation prior to having a procedure. However, you may schedule the appointment for consulting and paper work on same day if desired.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. However, once you make the decision to have the procedure done, and make the appointment, we will do some paper work, a medical history is taken and you will receive copies of all forms signed. At this time there is a charge of $50 as a deposit, which is non-refundable, but is deducted from the full cost of your procedure. Please call for details.

Permanent makeup is an investment in yourself for several years of carefree makeup, with only minimal maintenance.

As a professional makeup artist, I will draw your brows or lip liner on for you if you wish, or you may draw them exactly the way you want them. We spend as much time as is needed to determine the exact shape and color for your desired procedure.

The following prices include one follow up perfecting session.

Except for lower eyeliner only. The price is for one application, as that is all that is usually needed.



*Upper and Lower- Thin, Average, or Base Lash Enhancement.....$325
(For thicker upper liner add $50)

*Upper Eyeliner Only-Thin, Average, or Base Only……$270
(For thicker than average upper liner, add $50, reinforced at second application)

*Upper Eyelash Enhancement Base of lashes only and soft charcoal color....(no line above lashes).....$250

*Lower Eyeliner Only-Softly Dotted or Thin to Medium Thickness....$200 (one application price)


*Fully Filled in Brows- Powdered Look, Classic Shape or Thin.....$325
(Includes Designing and light tweezing)

New Brows that require heavy tweezing may be $15 extra. Pre-tweeze to avoid this charge.



This technique is Semi-Permanent and always needs a second fill-in and sometimes a third minor fill in.)....$350

HAIR STROKE BROWS WILL HEAL 25 TO 50% LIGHTER AND may only hold 25% of original strokes due to skin oiliness or mediations and skin thickness. However, they are gone over in about 4 weeks to reinforce and adjust color and then 50 to 85 % of strokes will remain. For some of you, it might take that 3rd time to get a good retention, but it is so worth it for the realistic and beautiful look.


*Lip liner just following your natural lip shape or slightly enlarging.....$350 to $400    (2 sessions)

*FULL LIP SHADING.....up to $575 and up for 2 sessions

Keep in mind, it takes 4 times as much anesthetic as other procedures and takes longer to do, as there are 4 separate areas to be lined and matched up (bottom lip 2 sides, and each side of upper lip) The lips are a muscle, and difficult to implant color into, and special techniques and sometimes 3 different implanting tools may be used.

I use topical anesthetics especially formulated for permanent makeup, by an anesthesiologist.

We use topical anesthetics formulated by an anesthesiologist. Discomfort during a procedure using this topical is minimal for most clients.


Needles are always pre-sterilized as are the tubes that hold the needles. Needles are never reused, not even your own needles. Used needles are promptly disposed in a hazardous waste container (Sharps).

Everything that is used on the client is sterile or sanitary and/or new.

No procedure is performed or continued unless the client is comfortable.

PRE-CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED AND A PRE-PROCEDURE ALLERGY TEST may be performed if desired, but is optional except in lip color. All lip color clients receive an allergy test.

We take before and after photos of all our clients for our private files and may use your photos for advertising or promotions with your written approval.

For more information please call